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Accelerated Mobile Pages

AMP is the latest recommended and open-source technology from Google to present content to mobile users. Google indexes Accelerated Mobile Pages and present them to mobiles users when they search on the main Google search page, in Google News and both the iPhones and Android search apps.

Here is how an AMP page looks like (best viewed from a mobile device, but totally fine as well on a desktop). This page was automatically created by wbAMP from our blog regular Joomla! page you can find here. It passes the syntax validation test as well as the Structured Data test.

Automatic conversion

Your Joomla pages are converted on the fly to Accelerated Mobile Pages HTML markup. Any page. Any extension. wbAMP also fetches require metadata automatically for com_content and K2. You can also set meta data manually with simple tags in your content.

Extensive content handling

Common media or social content such as images, sound tags, Youtube videos, Instagram images, Tweets, Facebook posts, or even AMP carousel are converted.

Easy page selection

Simple, but powerful, rules to decide which pages should have an AMP counterpart. NEW: standalone mode, for AMP-only web sites.

Working contact form

Your AMP pages must be as interative as possible: with wbAMP, your Joomla contact form will work the same on AMP!

Manual customization

Customize the output with simple tags entered in your articles. Provide additional meta data as needed. Hide or show some content only on AMP pages. Use custom HTML Joomla modules to create header or footer.

Easy templating

wbAMP comes with a simple, elegant base template. Override any part of the output using Joomla! JLayouts.

NEW: no need for CSS knowledge: the Taylor customizable theme lets you simply change colors, dimensions and visual aspect.

Joomla Modules

[NEW] Easily include Joomla modules into your AMP pages: simply assign modules to one of the wbAMP modules positions

Menu and footer

Easily add navigation and footer by selecting a custom Joomla module. Content is also converted to AMP standard, with amp-sidebar element.

Social sharing

Simply select which buttons to include. Fully AMP-compatible implementation (no javascript), including Analytics connector to track social shares of your AMP pages.

Analytics support

Implement Accelerated Mobile Pages Analytics component simply by providing your Analytics web property ID. NEW: now with Google Tag Manager support!

Ads networks support

Includes supports for many Ads networks in the AMP specification: A9, AdReactor, AdSense, AdTech, Double-click. Others will be added as they are included in the AMP whitelist.


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